Helping Your Family With Its Changing Needs

Circumstances change with time. I can assist my clients with a range of modifications, including:

  • Child support modifications: If one spouse has received a significant raise, gotten a bonus, has lost a job, or has his or her hours cut, a modification in child support may be necessary. We can also help with child support modifications for servicemen and servicewomen. Please note, an agreement between parties to change support amounts is not binding unless approved by the court.
  • Custody/visitation modifications: If your children have become older or you need to modify the parenting plan schedule because of changes in your life, we can help make the parenting plan more appropriate. We also assist clients with changes in relation to relocation.
  • Spousal support/alimony modifications: If a former spouse has had a significant change in their circumstances, a modification of spousal support may be necessary.
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