Why Do Couples Divorce?


Although it may not be the biggest cause of divorce, communication problems are one of the most predominant causes that couples divorce. Usually, communication difficulties can be traced back to pre-marital times when one or both of the parties failed to make clear certain expectations or issues that could affect their marriage relationship. Then after marriage, those communication problems continued to worsen, as two distinct and independent people adjust to being together. This inability to listen while another clearly states their opinion in order to find a happy medium through compromise, is at the root of all other causes of divorce.

According to most recent statistics, over 50% of all marriages end in divorce. The leading cause of divorce in the United States has historically been infidelity. This has actually risen in recent years possibly due to the explosion of social media. The latest data reveals that 50% of married women and 60% of married men have extramarital affairs. This is more than double the report in 1998 indicating that 14% of all married women and 24% of married men had sexual affairs.

Financial issues causes married couples significant problems or contributes to other underlying relationship issues that already exist. These issues can relate to the unequal income or spending nature of the parties, whether to send children to private or public schools, disagreements about saving or investing and where to live. Once again, the lack of communication about finances could be a bigger problem than the money per se.

Abuse in a marriage relationship can destroy its very existence in many ways. Abuse can be physical or psychological and often goes hand in hand with dependence upon alcohol and drugs. From physical abuse to emotional abuse, the mix of alcohol and drugs serves to escalate the damage done to the family unit and professional help should be sought immediately.

Once children enter the marriage equation, often there are issues that arise when all child-related duties fall on one person. For example, if one person is saddled with changing their diapers, getting them up, preparing their meals, taking them to school and picking them up, taking them to athletic events, bathing them and putting them to bed, resentment is likely to set in. To prevent this from becoming a major issue or contributing to another underlying issue, the decision to write down and share these responsibilities could save a marriage.

Finally, people who have been married for many years go through life changes. Their children graduate from high school and go off to college, leaving a couple alone together for the first time in years. Only then do they realize they have nothing in common, their interests have changed, they are bored, they no longer enjoy sex and are incompatible in nearly every way possible. Frankly, they don’t even like each other anymore.

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