What Is the Relationship of Being Jobless to Divorce?


Couples in San Antonio or anywhere in the nation who are going through a divorce often find themselves pointing to certain things as being the impetus for finally deciding to file for divorce. A factor common for many opting for divorce is unemployment. When one spouse becomes unemployed and the other spouse is not employed (“stay at home”) tension and stress may result due to the job search process.

“Why is it taking so long for you to find a job? You should be doing more than just looking online for jobs and I don’t think you are trying hard enough.” Soon the tension and fear of not finding work results in couples separating and filing for divorce.

An Ohio State University study, which delved into marital satisfaction and employment status, confirmed that there is a relationship between the two. It revealed that when one spouse loses their job and becomes unemployed, there is an increased probability of their spouse calling it quits.

Let’s be honest. If a couple have a happy marriage and love each other, unemployment should not cause them to divorce. Although losing your job is not something anyone wants to go through, it is an event that couples can work through with a little effort.

Unfortunately, if the marriage is unhappy and the couple is dissatisfied a job loss can be the final straw. With increased negative feelings and failed expectations, all of the reasons to end the marriage seem to be magnified. All of a sudden, instead of trying to work to stay married, couples will simply try to find a way out.

When checking and saving’s account balances dwindle and the stock portfolio is non-existent, stress, fear and uncertainty fuels negative emotions. Couples cannot bear losing their home or having to file for bankruptcy. Soon the accusations about job search efforts become hateful and the marriage relationship deteriorates even more.

One day, it all comes down to a bitter fight and one of the two says they want a divorce and the other may just agree.

So, does being unemployed cause couples to divorce? The answer is, not likely. The more likely answer is getting laid off and not having a job simply accelerates the inevitable in an unhappy marriage.

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