San Antonio Fathers Play an Important Role for Their Children After Divorce


Make no mistake about it, children of a divorce are much better off if their father remains a key element in their lives after divorce. This means having a father who remains close to his children, both physically and emotionally. For many fathers it may be hard to overcome their own emotions and feelings stemming from the divorce, and it may prove challenging to remain a pivotal figure in their child’s life.

A divorce is an event that occurs between you and your spouse. In legal terms, a divorce is the dissolution of the duties, responsibilities and bonds of matrimony between a husband and wife. When a couple also has children together, child custody, visitation and support arrangements need to be considered as well.

Studies show that in nearly every situation, children tend to fare better if their father continues to be a part of their lives. For girls and young women, a father figure may be someone they can look up to and seek advice from; it may also help young women establish healthy relationships later on in their own lives. Boys and young men benefit from a father figure as well — from someone to look up to and fatherly advice to playing catch or catching a show together, fathers play a key role in the development of a young man’s life.

There are several ways that a father can ensure they continue to serve an active role in their child’s life after a divorce. As an experienced San Antonio divorce attorney, I have learned some helpful tips over the years:

  • After the divorce is final, if the children are living with their mother, do not feel the need to leave the area. In fact, remaining in the same city or nearby grants you the opportunity to increase the amount of quality time that you share with your kids, in addition to regular visitation.
  • Involved fathers should try to take the time and effort to attend every school and sporting event, extracurricular activities, etc. Involvement may also help father’s when determining each parent’s visitation and custody rights after the divorce.
  • Establish a set schedule to see your children at times other than those documented in the Standard Possession Order (SPO) or simply enjoy spontaneous get-togethers. If getting together on a particular day is difficult, a text message, email, phone call or FaceTime can work to let them know that they are not forgotten.

The transition for everyone after a divorce is difficult. Children are especially vulnerable and having a strong father figure during this time can go a long way towards their development outside the parameters of visitation established by court documents. As an experienced family law firm, we can help you address visitation issues that may arise because of divorce, and help you remain in your child’s life.

If you are considering divorce or need counseling about visitation issues regarding your children, you need to talk to a San Antonio attorney who is experienced in divorce and visitation matters.

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