Often Forgotten Things to Remember When Getting Divorced

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To say that sometimes individuals fail to think clearly when they are getting divorced is a gross understatement. Even when they want the divorce, going through the process can be traumatic. Lives are disrupted, finances are in disarray, children are confused and there are changes in living arrangements.

Couples are trying to sort out their separate property, marital property and their personal property. Negotiations and possibly even mediation is necessary to arrive at an amicable property settlement agreement. Things seem to be in constant turmoil.

Child custody and support issues must to be dealt with. Determining custody of the children and the appropriate amount of child support to be paid, in accordance with the Texas Family Code, can be emotional and contentious.

Finally, couples have to address spousal maintenance, or alimony, if they meet the requirements of the Texas Family Code, Chapter 8. If you are getting a divorce, a San Antonio divorce attorney can help you ensure that you have done all that is required of you to smooth the process as much as possible.

It’s easy to see that some things simply are forgotten or lack importance at the time. Some of those things that should be considered during the divorce process are the following:

  • Take time to have a new will prepared, especially if health issues are involved. However, even if you are in perfect health, a heart attack or an accident could have a huge impact on your estate if an old will gives the majority of it to a former spouse.
  • Take time to review your retirement accounts and life insurance policies to make certain you make necessary changes to update your primary and secondary beneficiaries. This can be accomplished by contacting the financial institution where the account is held or the life insurance company and completing change of beneficiary forms.
  • Take time to go to your bank and remove the contents in your jointly held safety deposit box and obtain a new lease for a separate one.
  • Take time to revise any existing powers of attorney. You will most likely not want your ex-spouse to be your attorney in fact for financial, healthcare or real estate matters.

Going through a divorce is traumatic even under the best of circumstances. If you or a family member are contemplating a divorce or have made the decision to get divorced, you need to talk to a San Antonio attorney who is experienced in handling family law matters.

The attorneys at Allan R. Manka, P.C. have over 60 years of experience helping families throughout South Texas work through their family law matters. Their experience includes divorce, marital property settlement agreements, spousal maintenance, child custody and support, prenuptial and post nuptial agreements and military family law issues. Our attorneys and experienced staff are ready to help guide you through these difficult times.

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