Collecting Child Support From a Parent Living in a Different State


At times, in the wake of a divorce one parent will decide to relocate to a different state. Such relocation can create unique problems for the remaining parent who is trying to collect child support, as well as for the parent trying to send child support payments across state lines. Since the parents are now subject to two different sets of state laws, they may find that abiding by their child support order has become more complicated.

Since issues arising from parents living in different states resulted in delays in child support payments and collections, Congress passed a law requiring all states (Texas included) to enact the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, or UIFSA.

The goal of the UIFSA was to outline a comprehensive and nationwide system for securing and enforcing child support orders to ensure that children receive the financial support they require (and are entitled to) from their parents, regardless of any one parent’s particular geographic location. This act is very important since child support plays a critical role in providing children with necessities such as food, clothing, school supplies, and medical care.

Specifically, the UIFSA has created a uniform system of rules and regulations addressing the following areas (among others):

In situations where multiple state courts have entered different child support orders, the UIFSA has established mechanisms for deciding which child support order the parents must follow

How child support orders can be modified in order to address any changes in either parent’s circumstances or to meet new or different needs of the child (such as the need for outside school tutoring or new medical treatments)

Establishing enforcement options such as requiring jail time for the non-paying parent or garnishing the wages of the non-paying parent’s salary

These are just some of the provisions of the UIFSA that can be utilized by San Antonio parents who need help in securing their child support payments. Along, with the UIFSA, the state of Texas has enacted several laws relating to calculating child support payments, methods of collecting child support payments, and enforcing child support orders against non-paying parents.

Since the key to effective child support arrangements is parental cooperation, it is important for parents to keep the lines of communication open and to work together to ensure the best interests of their child or children are met.

Our experienced attorneys are available to assist San Antonio parents as they navigate the complex rules and regulations for determining child support payments and abiding by child support orders. If your ex-spouse has relocated to a different state and you are experiencing difficulty or delay in receiving your child support payments, the provisions of the UIFSA may help you enforce your right to child support.

Our attorneys are available to discuss UIFSA with you and help you discover your options during this difficult time. To discuss your case with one of our experienced family law attorneys in San Antonio, Texas, contact our office today at 210-824-1800 and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

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