Beware: Social Media Postings Can Be Dangerous


In a time when social media has become such a big part of our daily lives, rarely does a day go by when you, or someone you know, fail to post personal information on the web. The mode of transmission might be through Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, emails or texts.

A litany of unfiltered evidence composed during times of anger, fear, love and resentment creates a treasure trove of material for use by attorneys during divorce proceedings. These posts reveal an individual’s entire personal life for the world to see. Rarely, if ever, does anyone ever contemplate the legal ramifications of such social media communications prior to, or during, their divorce proceedings.

In the technical age we live in, San Antonio divorce attorneys often resort to the use of evidence from social media accounts to bolster their client’s case and destroy the case of the opposing spouse. This evidence can help establish a state of mind, facts leading to the divorce, involvement with a third party, among other things. Attorneys are sometimes blindsided by regrettable social media communication decisions made by their client. These can have a huge impact on a trial, property settlement discussions and issues that relate to the children.

If you frequently write posts about your personal activities, you should always assume that these can and will be used against you in a contested divorce proceeding. Unfortunately, written words standing alone and taken out of context can be seen in a negative light, regardless of what the true intent of the writer was.

Some steps to consider and preventative measures to take when separating or entering into a divorce are:

  • Change your user name and passwords that existed during the marriage relationship
  • Make certain your privacy settings on social media sites are enhanced and in place
  • Be careful about sharing all of your personal information or communications with your “friends”

Most importantly, think once, twice and three times before you post your personal information or hit the “send” button.

Likewise, be proactive and search the web to determine what photos, personal information, communications, friends and other material he or she has posted that might be degrading or incriminating. This evidence could make the difference when attempting to work out certain issues during negotiation or mediation.

When you or someone you know is dealing with marital issues and contemplating a divorce, it is always in your best interests to seek advice from a San Antonio attorney who is experienced in family law matters.

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